As time passes and love grows older, our vision expands. It’s like taking a step back and not seeing just the eyes but the whole face. The kiss is done and you see his nose, his lips, his throat. You see the pulse beating there. There is another person in front of you.

You realise you are clingy. You want to be kissed often. You want to be annoyed with a constant barrage of cuddles. You wish for the hands to keep holding yours.

But you look downward and see that the hands that were holding yours are now busy on the phone. The eyes are forming texts. The mind is elsewhere. Differences in religion revolve around your atmosphere. Family matters rise to the surface. The kisses are temporarily forgotten. The life you have lived comes back in heavy memory.

You see the meme in your own phone and you wonder. If you forward it to him will he come close to you again? Will your vision only have his eyes in it again? Will you stop seeing all of his pulsations? Will he be content in your eyes too? How long will the language spoken by the eyes keep you both content?

I have no answers. So I search for a meme.

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