I understand what pain brings. It brings hope. Because ironically pain makes me realise I was in pain before. And it ended. It strikes and it is grievous. It struck earlier several times. From its experience I have learnt…

Pain doesn’t last. And after pain comes a resurrection. It brings to light some things that were previously unseen. Bluntly put, it brings a knowledge that nothing lasts. Good times don’t last. Bad times don’t last.

What is more there is the understanding that I shall prevail. If I just pull through the pain I will smile again. Good times will come. The sun will shine out the clearer. The moon will be brighter.

I keep fearing being alone. I keep fearing being abandoned. I keep fearing that the people I love will die or leave. But my fears, though founded in reality, are transitory. I have been alone. I survived. I have been abandoned, I survived. I have lost people I love – and I survived.

So, I know now. I will survive. Nothing is as bad as it seems. And therefore, I won’t just survive. I shall prevail.

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