Of broken hearts.

You don’t get over heartbreak. You learn to live with it. Like broken pieces of a toy you cannot dispose of – because it reminds you of who you were as a child. A broken angel dangling on a new Christmas tree. It reminds you of who you used to be. You chance upon seeing something that was given and what is now broken and you weep. All the happy moments through the day signify nothing in the face of what has been lost. And that is okay.

Heart break can teach you how important it is to survive loss… but it also teaches you that you are capable of moving on – irrespective of the fact, that the pain will live with you forever. Because love is for ever. It does not eradicate itself just because the person you love has left. It does not even need the person you love; it just needs itself to survive.

Heart break can break you. it can remold you into something that you never thought was possible. It shows you how dark human life can be… and within the pain it also shows you how human you can actually be, too. It is all about understanding that just because you have reached a darkness that appears fractured, you are not dead. Perhaps that is what it means to be alive. You live through the pain and pain alone will make you worthy.

There are times when the pain engulfs you and it shows you that you yet alive. it is like freezing water, even if your head is above it, it rips through muscle and grips your innards. It capsizes all the cavities that can hold hair. It chokes you. it makes you gasp. Films form over your eyes and everything seems blurry. You can either let the cold envelope you and submerge, or you can stay afloat, until you find the will to swim.

I have no problem with either solution. I am not here to judge how you choose to deal with the pain. I will just say that pain exists … and it owes you nothing except a choice. And whatever choice is available is natural.

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