What Pua told Poonam

What Pua (my Aunt whom I lost 19 April 2021, in the Second Wave of Covid) told Poonam (my best friend), while I was dealing with depression and anxiety last year.

Poonam wrote to my Bua, Mother and Geeta:

I feel very very bad for Harpreet and also for you all .. I know you all must be hurting and angry too!

I spoke to Harpreet today morning and also just now .. I have been trying to motivate him to pull himself up out of this and out of thinking that he is to blame for all that happened. I sincerely believe it cannot only be his fault but Harpreet seems to be bent on thinking that only he is to blame.

I have told him to call me up anytime he feels like – and I want to let you all know also that I am there for you at this time – plz let me know and I wil surely help anyway I can.

Love you all!

You are my family!

This is what my Bua replied to Poonam:

Why do we people always have a low esteem about ourselves Poonam. If a person wants to stay he/she will and if not there are many reasons to leave as all of us have our plus and minuses. Harpreet is a very honest straight forward and a good person yes he is possessive about people who he loves. I am hurting so much for him but can do nothing. You have been his best friend and he loves and depends on you for emotional support . Do give him a pep talk whenever you have the time to . Thanks Poonam for reaching out to all of us.

Poonam, I know I don’t need to thank you but I want to for being for Harpreet during the last 4 weeks. Surprisingly we both gave him the sale advice – let go of what has made you so unhappy, think about your happiness and yourself first. There has been an atmosphere of gloom in the house for a ling time now. Just keep telling him to move on each time you speak to him . Nice people are difficult to find but I am so happy that you two have been such good friends. Bless you. Hugs

Poonam :

Hi pua😘

So nice to hear from you. Yes, I realised too that we were both on the same page with him. He is super loving, honest and true to everybody and that’s the reason he gets hurt.

Though these are good qualities, they sadly don’t hold true in today’s times where people just barter in the name of relationships.

So I keep telling him to give accordingly – give to those who give you and don’t allow urself to be trampled upon.

He is just so good looking, brilliant and talented – only he must understand his worth and not sell himself short.

Dont worry pua, I have his back! Will keep drilling some worldly wisdom into him.

Thank you for such a sweet note and your blessings. They mean a lot.

Hugs and love always ! ❤️

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