Be beautiful.

Beauty is so important. We all say, to be politically correct, how beauty is only skin deep. but that is so not true at two levels. People prefer beautiful pets, food, wives, husbands, children. And beauty isn’t skin deep. people have beautiful hearts too. Most times, the outer shell doesn’t mean the inside flesh. It is uncommon to find beauty inside and out. Most times, one has either or. And one is either loved or rejected.

I see people adopt pretty puppies. I see them abandon them on various pretexts when the pretty puppies become adults. I see cruelty in so many forms. I see pets abandoned. Cows tortured. Elephants chained to march for a religion. Tigers bred for their penises. Rhinos brought down for their horns.

And I get so disillusioned. Because I have seen for what battles are fought over. I have heard of women being gang raped and killed. I have seen children being abused. I have felt abuse. I have been persecuted for being different. And I know that if humans cut down humans with no sense of remorse, there is no real hope for what humans consider any inferior species.

I have seen people where I stay disregard love for animals. I have felt religion encroach upon my love for animals. I understand that everyone cannot love animals in the same fashion that I do. I do not love children the way most people do. I do not go goggly eyed on cutest children. But I have no say in the matter when children are paraded in movie theatres and scream their guts out when we try to watch a movie. No real say in the matter when a kid screams and throws things in a food court in a mall. I am supposed to be okay when children are used as excuses for parents to cut short meetings, but it is not okay if I say my furkids are waiting for me at home.

I resent it. And I am disillusioned by it. I am generally very disillusioned by the human race in general. But I will say this: if you take responsibility for a life, be it human or animal, you need to see it through. Even your death shouldn’t be an excuse for not having made some provision made for them. Be worthy of your humanity. Be beautiful.

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