Avni. Reading between the stripes

Anand Siva

avni & cubs rep

At the outset, it seems like a very simple story. That there is a tiger named Avni (meaning earth in Sanskrit), that she killed 13 villagers, and therefore declared to be a man eater and therefore needs to be killed. Very simple – tiger kills men, men kill tiger. If you want to know more, or have no idea about the issue, this article in The Hindu is pretty neat – click right here.

But first remember this: even as you read this, there’s a large team out there in the forest looking for Avni to bring her down. She’s in hiding, running acre to acre looking for cover and evading the bullet. Read the rest of story keeping mind the image of a young mother, with two bubbling toddlers running for life to protect herself, for she knows without her, her babies will either starve to death…

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